We R Back

Ciao, Hola, Hello “We R back in Fashland”

  The expression goes “It feels like yesterday since we saw you last”, for us the expression should be: “Is it really you? It seems a life time ago”.
It has been awhile since we started work on our all new offering from “On the QT” and it has been an epic journey. If you have never done such a journey take it from me “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!”
It all begins so promising with a simple idea. “Let’s go to the Amazon and look at the lovely parrots”. So simple…Amazon…Parrots…Then it suddenly becomes: visas, innoculations, passports, flights, money, speak Portugese, etc. etc. The “Let’s go to the Amazon and look at the lovely parrots”…is no more.
So it has been here in the glorious place that we call On the QT fantasy land. One day we had a simple idea. So simple “Why don’t we do more than our Designer events…let’s have a place that OntheQTers can 24/7: hear about, view and buy”. A place not just to get great prices, but also to get hot new launches, classic pieces, small independent labels and more.
So simple an idea so epic a journey.
Here we are…we have got through visas, innoculations, passports and we are now “sort of looking at flights”.
Here’s the plan we are going…tiptoe…tiptoe…into this next stage:
We are about to start featuring forthcoming events from…sale events to new collection previews…from…shop launches to product launches…
We have ducked and dived and started to secure OntheQTers some great promotions…
We have recruited the “Master Mason of the Fashion Nation” to run our flash sales (either on our On the QT Ebay shop or on our inhouse shop)…and…to be assistant “Social Media Feeder”
We have recruited me to be the “FashD0g..Top Blog” to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world of OntheQTers)…and…to be assistant “Social Media Feeder”
Now we want to hear from you…Want to be an OntheQT contributor?
Like the fashion world…Like taking photographs…Like social media…Got ideas for features…get in touch.
The journey to date has been epic but we have had fun, thank you to all OntheQTers who have been contributing ideas, their help and their time…long may the fun continue…until next time…

“FashDog..Top Blog” quote to not forget…

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder always look in the mirror and see Beauty”